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The CGEA cdrom

The CGEA cdrom
The CGEA cdrom
The CGEA cdrom
The CGEA cdrom
The CGEA cdrom
Lower Intermediate to Advanced levels Covers a range of reading, writing, oral communication, numeracy and mathematics learning outcomes. 978-0-9587330-1-4.
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Current version 5.0
For Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
ISBN 978-0-9587330-1-4

Teaches and tests a wide range of skills covering all Learning Outcomes at Levels 2, 3 and 4 of the Reading and Writing, Oral Communication and Numeracy and Mathematics Streams of The CGEA.

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Australian English only

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  • All activities are based around practical, concrete real-life situations.

  • Fifty-three video clips provide the contexts for the Learning Outcomes.

  • The program provides the learner with context-specific help.

  • The feedback praises learners when they are right and provides context-specific explanations when they make a mistake.

  • The program provides extensive verbal support and explanations.

  • Learners can print practice and assessment tasks for all Learning Outcomes.

  • Learners can print a summary of the steps involved for each Learning Outcome.

  • The program includes a fully animated demonstration of the functions and use of the program, accompanied by a spoken explanation.

  • The program is very easy to use.

  • All instructions are both spoken and written.

  • Over 200 additional practice activities help learners consolidate the skills acquired.

  • The program is designed and produced in Australia.


Reading and Writing For Self-Expression
For Practical Purposes
For Knowledge
For Public Debate
Oral Communication Active Listening
For Practical Purposes
For Exploring Issues and Problem Solving
Numeracy and Mathematics For Practical Purposes - Design
For Practical Purposes - Measuring
For Personal Organisation
For Interpreting Society - Data
For Interpreting Society - Numerical Information
Formulae and graphs, problem solving, algebraic techniques.

System requirements:

  • Multimedia computer with Windows® (NT, 2000, Me, XP, Vista,7, 8)
  • Recommended hardware, processor and RAM for your version of Windows®
  • Installation: 500MB

What they say:

"Protea respect their adult learners and do not demean them with an infantile or condescending tone.... There is in general a dearth of programs for reading and writing work at higher levels and this program elegantly steps in to fill this gap."
Tony Williams.Wida Software. UK.

Version upgrade:

To upgrade your current licensed copy of the program to run on the latest version of Windows. You must provide details of your current licence (including licence code) to obtain a new installation code.