Home user licence
A home user licence is for learners' personal use in their own home. It is not available for organisations like schools or libraries.

Single user licence
A single user licence is for use on a single computer at a school, library, college or other organization. Volume discounts apply where programs cannot be installed on a network.

Network licence
Network licences are for concurrent users. Standard 5,10 and 20 licences can be pourchased on this site. For numbers greater than 20, please contact Protea Textware, or your distributer, directly.  Network programs can be run across a network where the program is run on each workstation and accesses the licence information on the network server.

Licence upgrades
Licence upgrades can be purchased by paying the difference between the cost of your existing licence and the cost of the new licence you require. Proof of purchase is required to upgrade a licence.

Version upgrades
Version upgrades can be purchased at 50% of the cost of a new licence (same number of users).


All Protea Textware programs can be purchased on CD-ROM, but there is an additional charge for postage and handling.



Tracking License
Licenses assigned to specific learners from a single institution.
e.g. You want to make the program(s) available on the Internet or through an LMS to at least 30 named learners and to track learner activity.

Concurrent Licence
Licenses assigned for concurrent access for learners from a single institution with no overall limit on learner numbers.
You want to make the program(s) available over the Internet to learners, on a self access basis, without tracking learner activity