The programs have uniquely effective elements that give their users a distinct learning advantage versus would-be competitors. Protea programs are. . .

  • Specifically designed for use by high school, college students and adults
  • Embedded with real life contexts
  • Designed for classrooms, reading centres, libraries or home study
  • Self-paced, robust and simple to use
  • Highly interactive and provide instant feedback
  • Content-rich and pedagogically sound
  • Enhanced with multimedia - text, video, recording, verbal feedback, etc.
  • Supported by teachers' tracking modules that keep track of each student's interactions with the programs.

Protea programs are designed for high school students, community colleges, university language students, adult literacy learners, libraries, students with learning difficulties, and ESL learners. Learners may access the programs at a school or college, language centre, community centre, rehabilitation unit, library or from home. Protea also provides full online and telephone technical support.