Teaches spelling and sight recognition of over 800 words that are arranged in topics.

Version 5.1d (2020)
For Windows



Beginner and Intermediate levels.

  • Specifically for adult learners (age 12+).
  • Suitable for children (age 5+).
  • Teaches and tests the spelling of singular and plural forms of over 800 English words.

  • Features
  • Over 800 key words arranged in 6 main groups and 40 topics.
  • Develops vocabulary skills in context.
  • Includes spelling tests and vocabulary recognition tests for every topic.
  • Authorable
  • Customise the program by adding word lists (singular and plural word, context sentence, number of syllables per word). The program automatically generates the exercises for filling in the missing letters, typing the words from memory and the appropriate spoken feedback.

    Activities for each headword
  • photo or animation
  • pronunciation of singular and plural forms
  • spoken and written context sentence
  • four spelling activities for each of the singular and plural word forms
  • identify syllables and stress in the word
  • word information
  • type the word from memory
  • type the word in new context sentences
  • number of syllables per word as an aid for pronunciation

  • System requirements
  • Multimedia computer with Windows (NT, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
  • Recommended hardware, processor and RAM for your version of Windows
  • Microphone optional

  • What they say

    "The Interactive Picture Dictionary presents a clear, instructionally valid, entertaining learning tool." Teresa De Fazio.ON-CALL.
    "From the range of software available at the moment in adult language, literacy and numeracy fields, this program is among the best. Highly recommended." Karen Bryant.Interchange.

    "I'd select The Interactive Picture Dictionary in preference to other light-weight game-style CD-ROMs for a family or school situation. An excellent Australian product." Murray Spence.The Weekend Australian.

    Version upgrade
    To upgrade your current licensed copy of the program to run on the latest version of Windows. You must provide details of your current licence (including licence code) to obtain a new installation key.

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    The Interactive Picture Dictionary

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    Front menu

    Beginner level

    Australian English
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    The Interactive Picture Dictionary
    (ISBN 978-0-646-25738-9)

    v5.1d (2020)

    Prices are for Perpetual license


    For Network licenses over 20 users, request a quote here.

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