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The Alphabet (6/1/2007)
The Alphabet software is an interesting idea for those with learning difficulties or those with English as their second language. It begins with the basic letters of the alphabet in lower case format and progresses to upper case with simple activities for matching the two. Both letter names and sounds are given during the first three sections of the software, thereby giving a considerable amount of reinforcement if required.

The section of the title aiming to encourage ICT through the use of the keyboard to find the right letter as well as practice alphabetical order was particulary useful. I found this area very worthwhile even with the more able children who did not have the necessary keyboard skills. Another important area of the software was the section dedicated to the teaching of spelling.

Penny - England
The Alphabet (6/6/2001)
This software would complement any literacy curriculum nicely, especially one that has or needs a basic phonics component. It is reasonably interactive and motivating, although it would appeal to different learners for different reasons. Some of the vocabulary items are too difficult for beginning literacy students and there are some shortcomings to the keyboarding unit. All in all, though, learners should welcome the way The Alphabet is constructed and the opportunities it gives to learn and practice the different skills associated with the development of literacy.

Joyce - Iowa