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Issues in English 2 (6/6/2006)
Issues in English 2 is a highly interactive and feature filled language learning multimedia CD-ROM.
Issues in English 2 packs a lot of punch into its single CD-ROM format with activities for 4 levels on eight topics in a wealth of language learning skill areas.

Ian - Japan
Issues in English 2 (6/4/2007)
As previously stated all the students were very positive regarding this software. Although only the two non-native speakers were volunteers all six students felt that Issues in English was enjoyable to use. All students responded positively to the different accents that the program provided them with, and had no difficulties with comprehension.

Students were actively engaged with the program throughout, and have continued to access the program after completion of the trial period. They report being impressed with the praise feature, and appreciated the range of comments with which they were provided. Students preferred those activities where instant feedback on their progress was available, rather than waiting for writing to be marked by the teacher and information given to them at a later date.

Colin - England